OLS WHIZZ marketing plan provides opportunity for all the registered distributors to reach out your goal and fulfill your dreams. With tons a bonuses and rewards in our marketing plans, we make sure each registered distributor earns for each and every single effort they put in business. Added with the automatic support-generating plan, which help each distributor in creating a force of leader down the line.

OLS WHIZZ marketing plan is as per international standards of Direct Selling Industry and Products as per customer service. The company is also tied up with reputed brands, organisations and corporates with assured quality product offering.

OLS WHIZZ marketing plan has best calculations put in by experienced leadership that makes sure that you never miss any achievement and continue to achieve high level. Products are defined with few parameters like MRP, DP, BV etc. The company provides secure and friendly working environment to earn their livelihood and create their own self-employment as an independent distributor and by selling products/network to consumer network.


Through our values we aim to deliver valued and satisfactory experience to all our customers.

>Wide Range of Products

We provide wide selection of products in diverse categories. Each merchant is selected on basis of its vast and quality merchandise. Each product is added after going to research & development and quality testing process.


>Competitive Prices

We aim to give competitive prices on product so our distributors can earn best margin through rewards on selling. Competitive prices merged with quality and vast range gives customers good shopping experience.


Eligibility to become a distributor:-

  1. Individuals
  2. Individuals aged 18 years and above can apply to be a    distributor of the company
  3. The company has absolute discretion to decide whether to accept or reject an application
  4. Distributor of company works as an independent distributor.
  5. All applications must be sponsored by an existing distributor.
  6. Wife and husband constitute a single unit for the purposes

  1. Legal Entities (such as HUF, partnership firms, LLP, Company, Society and Trust)
  2. Registration shall be in the name of the legal entity.
  3. A copy of legal proofs like PAN, certificate of incorporation, GST number etc. according to legal entity that proves its legal registration.
  4. Liability and entitlement of such entity is as per law.


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